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The World's Most Powerful Blog Finder Software that Runs from your website
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The World's Most Powerful Blog Finder Software that Runs from your website...not your computer! The DoFollow Blog Finder Features: Serverside Blog Finding Technology- This program is ran online from your website. You simply tell it what to search for, and let it go. It will find relevant, dofollow blogs with pr automatically for you, even if your computer is turned off. Batch Requests- You can enter a list of keywords and have the DoFollow Blog Finder return results for each one separately, all stored conveniently in a file for you to view later. Customizable Footprints- You can create your own "footprints" to find the types of blogs that you want to, at any time. Or you can use the included footprints to find a ton! Results Are Stored On Your Website- Everytime you perform a search, the results are saved in a file automatically on your website (both in html as well as csv form). You will then have access to these automatically for as long as you keep your website running (or download them to your computer). Blog Results Are Analyzed- Every blog that is found will be researched automatically for you, to find the blog's dofollow status, as well as it's page rank. Detailed Videos- You will learn how to use the DoFollow Blog Finder to the best of it's ability, to gain the best possible super-charged backlinks.

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